Once you've made enough progress in Ark: Survival Evolution, it is possible to build an industrial forge. It has the same function as basic forging, but much quicker. The first one takes 1.3 seconds to refine the metal, plus the second one takes 20 seconds.

To build an industrial forge, you'll need a series of hard-to-obtain resources. So cheap buy ARK Items can help you to build. This means that until you have the necessary resources as part of your inventory, you haven't any choice but to farm for a length of time. This forge is rather large which enables it to only be put into a 3x3x6 structure.

Creating an industrial forge requires more resources than building a regular forging factory. You must be also level 85 or higher. Tek construction also needs a lot of Tek materials, players buy ARK Dinosaurs and Tek Dinosaur Gate indispensable materials. However, it is worthwhile for the reason that time important for refining far less.